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LOUNGE 22 Low Table

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L22 is a low table as much as it is a sculpture to use and admire. Inspired by the beauty and uniformity of the reclaimed trunk of the American Oak, with the organic ondulations of its rings of time that begin with an open knot of origin that cracks its form into the width of the trunk's growth, forming lines of deep crevices that give us a hint of the depth inside... Let's create the outer form of such a piece as an homage to the Oak. Rather than claiming nature, let it continue to live o...

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Width: 105.99 cm (41.73 in)

Height: 35.00 cm (13.78 in)

Depth: 86 cm (33.86 in)

Resin, Wood, Bronze



9 weeks

Bordeaux, France

As with all languages, the source of a new spring from the essence of an existing; inserting its mark in history. The design language of our studio derives from brutalism, a love for the seemingly unfinished finishes, raw materials and naturally occurring patinas speaks through our work and dictates the final results. Leading the way, shapes and texture take centre stage, creating a multi-sensory experience through an honest design vision.

Our objective is experiential, resulting in the p...

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