MUR 2021 sideboard

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The MUR sideboard by Privatiselectionem is quickly becoming a classic. The latest edition commissioned by Galerie SORS. consists of 3 modules and measures an incredible 3.35 meters long. MUR is composed of hundreds of hand polished and patinated layers of fine brass sheets over a solid wood structure. A sideboard that has a way of imposing itself as the element of strength and raw beauty in the room, the complexity and meticulous layering of materials of these design display a true mastery.

Width: 335.00 cm (131.89 in)

Height: 91.01 cm (35.83 in)

Depth: 48.01 cm (18.9 in)

Brass, Wood




Privatiselectionem has a belief in architectural and interior design which has naturally developed into the field of product design. Celebrating a platform based on an abundance of contemporary textures and technologies that derive from a transformative construction of study, progress and appreciation of a design aesthetic that has spanned the centuries. The constructive interplay of this cultivated expertise, combined with a refined workmanship and experimentation with proportions, are the comp...

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