Louis Thompson

Enchanted Dawn in Light Aquamarine

Limited Edition

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'Enchanted Dawn in Light Aquamarine' is a unique handblown and sculpted glass artwork by the British artist, Louis Thompson. With both his Enchanted Dawn and Dusk collections, Thompson brings a joyous and playful element to his glass. Gracious sweeping trunks are topped with an abundance of charming lollipop-like leaves. Formed in sugary hues, these artworks are delightful in the singular and captivating when grouped. In the artist's own words; ​​​​​​​"Trees exist as a fre...

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Width: 30 cm (11.81 in)

Height: 43 cm (16.93 in)

Depth: 14 cm (5.51 in)



United Kingdom

London, UK

Accomplished glass artist Louis Thompson explores illusion and the perceptions of glass, fascinated by the haptic experience in art and sculpture. He works with molten glass, sometimes sabotaging the material: twisting, creasing, buckling and collapsing the glass. The works have underlying themes of the human body; sensuous, tactile, echoing folds, curves and creases. With simplicity and purity of materials, he plays with the viewers’ comprehension of what is put before them, often creating co...

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