Louis Thompson

Archive of DNA Specimen - Blues


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Archive of DNA Specimen is a multi-coloured hand-blown glass installation by the British artist Louis Thompson. Each component 'bottle' has been created in its own unique colour, creating a stunning spectrum of hues. Each unit is actually solid, created with a scientific feel and characteristic, which draws and creates curiosity for the viewer of the detail captured within each one. The inner beauty resembles the DNA double helix. Heights from 14cm to 43cm. 'Archive of DNA Specimen' bottl...

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Height: 14 cm (5.51 in)



United Kingdom

8 weeks

London, UK

Accomplished glass artist Louis Thompson explores illusion and the perceptions of glass, fascinated by the haptic experience in art and sculpture. He works with molten glass, sometimes sabotaging the material: twisting, creasing, buckling and collapsing the glass. The works have underlying themes of the human body; sensuous, tactile, echoing folds, curves and creases. With simplicity and purity of materials, he plays with the viewers’ comprehension of what is put before them, often creating co...

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