Layne Rowe

Woven Mandala V

Unique Piece

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Rowe’s ‘Woven Forms’ are inspired by the Devon coastline and have been evolving for several years. This series of work is a result of intricate layering of different pre-made coloured canes around a molten form that is twisted and, when cold, cut into with a diamond wheel, to reveal the hidden colours beneath the surface. ​ The effect is like water over precious stones or the rock with its glimmering hues beneath, reflecting natural growth and corrosion. In the artist's own word...

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Width: 24 cm (9.45 in)

Height: 26 cm (10.24 in)

Depth: 26 cm (10.24 in)



United Kingdom

London, UK

Layne Rowe’s journey with glass began during his degree course in 3D design at the University of Central Lancashire. During the following seven years he worked alongside a number of glassmakers at the London Glass Blowing hot shop, enhancing and fine tuning his skills before moving to Brazil. During this time Rowe set up his own glass studio but also experienced a different working environment alongside industrial glassmakers.

On returning to the UK with an initial set-up in Hertfordshi...

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