Femke van Gemert

'Diggin’ the Dirt, Mouldy Magic & Heating Up' textile triptych

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Femke van Gemert's triptych 'Diggin’ the Dirt, Mouldy Magic & Heating Up' is a visual commentary on our toxic obsession with social media. ⁠The works' grey edges symbolise real life being pushed to the margins of our minds by the ever-domineering presence of the artificially vibrant digital world. ⁠

Width: 70 cm (27.56 in)

Height: 125 cm (49.21 in)

Each piece is w 70 x h 125 cm




Amsterdam, Netherlands

When witnessing the tremendous amount of waste generated by fast fashion – an industry she worked within for many years – Femke van Gemert realised it was time for her to follow her own path and start using textiles differently.
Femke’s practice reveals an alternative renaissance of textile leftovers, enriched with her sense of emotion and distinct personal touch. Loss and hope, ⁠imperfection and degradation over time are all recurring themes in her work. 
The result is highly...

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