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Panicum in Amber and White

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Panicum in Amber and White is a unique glass sculpture in white, clear and bright amber coloured glass by the collaborative artists Hanne Enemark (Danish) and Louis Thompson (British). The outer glass form contains a multitude of fine white canes of glass. Before the piece is finished, these are passed through a small hole in the top of the artwork as straight lengths, allowing them to drop into the void below. Further heating and turning the piece, cause these to soften and lose their rigid app...

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Width: 24 cm (9.45 in)

Height: 46.5 cm (18.31 in)

Depth: 16 cm (6.3 in)



United Kingdom

London, UK

Since studying simultaneously at the Royal College of Art in 2008, Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson have worked together successfully on a number of commissions and personal projects, becoming increasingly aware of a common interest in the tension between chaos and order, fragility and strength, internal structure and external form.

They have found that taking a more intuitive and performative approach not only results in a magical spectacle but in sculptures that embody their passion for...

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