Chris Day

Under the Influence III

Unique Piece

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Under the Influence III' is a unique sculpture by the British artist, Chris Day, created from handblown & sculpted glass with microbore copper pipe, copper wire and rope. About ‘Under the Influence 2021' | A series of 28 unique works; This major installation, made specifically for Harewood House in Leeds, forms the focal point in the exhibition curated by Vessel director Angel Monzon. It is inspired by the discovery of twenty-eight bottles of Harewood Rum from the plantations in a cellar...

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Width: 25 cm (9.84 in)

Height: 45.5 cm (17.91 in)

Depth: 24 cm (9.45 in)

Copper, Glass


United Kingdom

London, UK

Growing up in the West Midlands, Chris Day has become Britain’s only black glassblower, or certainly the only one that the artist is aware of. He creates highly personal works in glass and mixed media and his intention is to discuss and investigate the treatment of black people in Britain & the USA, with much of his research focussing on the history of the slave trade in the Eighteenth Century and the events leading to up & during the Civil Rights Movement.

A self-confessed ‘a...

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