Charlotte Hodes

Silhouette, Pink shade

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Hand cut enamel transfer, slips on press mould & thrown earthenware. 52 x 32cm. Charlotte Hodes’ practice as an artist takes the form of painting, collage, ceramics and glass. With a touch of humour, lightness and freshness, Charlotte's female signature figure moves comfortably across dishes, canvases, vases, prints and paper. Hodes appropriates every media with confidence. Her narrative is unique, regardless of the support that she chooses to use. Her work centres around the female figu...

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Width: 52 cm (20.47 in)

Height: 32 cm (12.6 in)


United Kingdom

London, UK

Charlotte Hodes’ work centres around the female figure within a contemporary context depicted as a silhouette juxtaposed with motifs loaded with female associated references such as the vessel and skirt. She draws upon the decorative and applied arts, fashion and costume, often using archives and collections as a source for projects. She works by hand and digitally both with drawing through which I build an 'archive' of usable visual imagery and with collage. Her work addresses how the fragmen...

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